Message of the Month:
Get further understanding and the significance of the Hebrew Month.

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready
What’s happening this month?
Read the letter for the Hebrew month of the month.
Discover what good things God has planned.
Receive God’s blessings.

Prayer Points for the Month:
Decrees that will help you stay focused on the Blessing of each Hebrew Month.

Sound Of The Month:
A new level of prophecy is unlocked through a new sound. One sound can cause the enemy's plans to unravel. There is a sound that will propel us out of captivity into the reality of our promise. DeeAnn gave a word at Turning Point about creating the "sound" of the Hebrew month. This "sound" is a prophetic music and tone overview of characteristics of the tribe associated with the month. It has the potential to take you places in the cycle of blessing unlike anything else. Enjoy the "Sound Of The Month."

Prophecy Center:
What the spirit of prophecy is saying at the Turning Point Apostolic Center