Prophecy Center

What the spirit of prophecy is saying at the Turning Point Apostolic Center

June 17, 2018

Stephanie Condit: So the Lord is saying today there are those of you that go through season or cycles of loneliness. And in those cycles and seasons of loneliness there are bad decisions being made. And He is saying call on Me and let Me be your friend in those times. So you can make those right decisions. Let Me be your friend.

June 10, 2018

DeeAnn​ Ward:​ For the Lord would say don't be afraid of the momentum that is moving at a faster pace than at the last season. Don't be afraid or give room or place to any kind of fear that would cause you to slow down, cause you to hesitate. But move by faith as you go forward​.  Because I've got a ride for you​ t​hat will thrill your soul. I've got a ride for you that will bring you into a glorious, victorious soul experience. I have created your soul to ride with Me. I have created your will, your mind, your emotions to get caught up in something refreshing and new.  So don't give place to fear. Don't give an opening to fear this season. For I have come to bring you into an overcoming mindset and a faith that can move mountains.  

Becky Albert: So it's an invitation says the Lord. Will you ride with Me is an invitation says the Lord. It's a call to duty says the Lord. It's not just a rhetorical question. He is saying, I want you to ride with Me. Will you ride with Me​?  Today is decision day​;​ an invitation day. And we say, YES LORD.

June 3, 2018

DeeAnn Ward:​ I saw a ​stagnant mud pit pond and ​the Lord ​says there's no movement in stagnant water. And He said I've got a movement and momentum that I want you to jump into today. The river is rising the fresh new anointing is  ready to move you forward. Don't let anything hold back the momentum​; don't let any kind of activity​!​ He said you think that the enemy doesn't want to slow you down, well he does. And if he can slow you down you'll end up like a stagnant mud pit.  So God says let Me wash you clean, let Me revive you, let Me send you forth, in a brand new level of momentum. And He says that momentum will come up over your head and He says that will be a good thing, satin the Lord.

Stephanie Condit: I hear the Lord say that I'm calling you into an army today. That you​ are​ getting ready to go into boot camp. That this is a season you need to envision yourself. If you have an office job​,​ you need to see yourself with your work clothes on and you​'ve​ got combat boots on under your desk.  Because this is a season where I am calling every single one of you in​to​ the army​; e​very single one of you that are going to advance the Kingdom​.​ And this is a season where we're going to run drills. This is so you can practice. This is not life or death. But I'm going to get you ready to where when the situation comes that it matters, ​you are ready! ​ ​So​ this is a season that "Uncle Sam" is calling. But it's the Lord​!​

Becky Albert: I saw angels doing a ring dance around a portal. And through that portal was this gushing river of water. Like a waterfall you see, that's clear​,​ crystal clear. And they, one at a time would let go of their hands as they were doing this ring dance and jump into the water​!​ ​ It ​was so filled with joy​,​ I just stated laughing. Then the joy of the Lord hit me, so we love it, don't we​?​

May 27, 2018

DeeAnn Ward:​ I have made you free that you might walk through the narrow gate this season. For the gate is narrow. The new gate is narrow. Haven't I spoken to you about not looking to the left or to the right? Because if you look to the left or to the right, you will have the opinions of men riding in your soul. And I have ​called you to dispel the opinions of others in this season that you could go forward in the narrow way, with your eyes upon M​e. And receive the ultimate benefit, the ultimate reward and favor of being free, saith ​the Lord. 

Stephanie Condit:​ The Lord says this is the season of Esther to rise and there is​an Esther in each one of us. And He says there's going to be a moment in time during this month, where there's an opportunity,​ where you can fear and run or go forward. And God says I want you to go forward because it's a season where I'm going to turn and turn Hamans​ on themselves. Review your prophetic words and let Me highlight​in this season of Esther where there is fear that has ​held you back. I want you to go forward in Jesus name. 

Becky Albert:​ It was a season to review your prophetic words. It's so easy for us to want a prophetic word and to receive a prophetic word. But what are we​ doing with those prophetic words? The Lord is saying in this season,​ I have spoken to you. I have directed you. I have shown you My love. I have shown you My power. I have shown you My glory. But you need to steward what I have shown you. You need to press into the word that I have for you, b​ecause this is the season of crossing over. This is the season of the Esther favor upon your life. Hear what I have said and​ review your prophetic words​. Attach your faith to what I've said and go forward with Me.  

DeeAnnWard:​ I would say that's your gate. You need​a gate. We all have a gate. And it may not be the same gate as anyone else,​ but if you'll meditate on it you'll be at the right place doing the right thing at the right time. You'll be aligned for your inheritance. 

May 20, 2018

Stephanie Condit: The Lord is saying I want you to receive the gifts I am handing out and it's better than silver and gold. Just lift up your hands and say, I receive. I receive all that joy, I receive that love. The Lord says these gifts are going to multiply and they’re going to come in a suddenly. It all can change in a day. 

Lisa Kilts:  I heard the Lord say He wants you to know how pleased He is with this body. How pleased He is with us choosing to connect with His time, with His time gates, in the right time, in the right place. He is so pleased and He says to expect as you enter into these time gates - stay in time with Him - to expect an overflowing from heaven that will release power, might, glory, love.  As we connect in these time gates, this is very important He says. He is so full of joy. He wants you to know how full of joy He is that we have chosen to walk in time with Him. To expect as this year unfolds and we stay in these time gates. It's going to be big, there's going to be things He releases in us, through us, to us. It's going to look like the provision of God in it's fullness. And He's going to overflow, His cup is going to overflow into you. His cup of joy. What He is feeling because we chose Him is going to overflow into you. 

Sheila Zimmerman: The Lord is coming to instruct us today. And He is instructing us on joy. As the disciples went out on the day of Pentecost, they were so full of joy that they thought they were drunk. The Lord says I'm coming today to shift your thinking on joy and to bring you into a newness and fullness of My Holy Spirit and all I can do. 

May 13, 2018

Becky Albert: When DeeAnn was seeing a line dance, I was hearing laughter. Just this great laughter throughout heaven and I heard the Lord say, you just have no idea, You have no idea how much I love you. You have no idea how precious you are to Me. You have no idea of the goodness that is yours, coming your way. 

DeeAnn Ward:  The Lord says, I'm going to give some little, goodness surprises. Yes. You had no idea, says God. Yes, I don't think we do have any idea. 

Stephanie Condit: What I feel that the Lord wants me to do is release a blessing over you because of His goodness. Because He wants a blessing, not only on the mothers on this Mother’s Day. So I release a blessing on every single person in here right now. 

We call your spirit to attention and we say that you have everything you need. We say it's unpacked today. I bless you with new unpacking, with things in your spirit that have never been opened and used. I bless you with those gifts, in Jesus name. 

May 6, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: For the Lord would say I am invading the earth ream. Even this moment, even this day. Even as you have sown the words. I have predestined you to operate in that kingdom authority. I have called you to extend My kingdom into the earth with My invading authority.

I've come to tell you to rise up, to say what I say and do what I do. And to break the curses off the land, off the nations, off the people. 

I say you were created for this moment. Everything that you have done in your life has come to the apex of this season. 

I say My gates are open wide. I say there is no hindrance to come up hither. I say come up hither and receive your inheritance that you might deliver My inheritance in the earth, saith the Lord. 

When you open up your mouth, fire will come out. When you open up your mouth, rain will come out. When you open up your mouth, you will be the agent that parts the Red Sea. You will be the agent that challenges the prophets of baal. And you will do it with a sly, cunning, secret knowledge of who you are. 

The world does not know who I am making you into, saith the Lord. 

Katherine Watsey: I've been saying this weekend how the Lord came down. It says in Psalm 77 that the waters saw You oh God and the waters saw You, they were in anguish. And it says that His footsteps were not known. He is coming down. He is coming down into your situations. He is coming down to that Red Sea for you. Your Red Sea will become a gate. It is becoming a portal. It's becoming a gate, in the year of the gates. 

The Lord would say that there are many things from now until the Head of the Year that I will take. That what seemed to be a wall, what seemed to be a stop, what seemed to be a mountain and I will make it a gate. Then this is only the beginning of My breaking through the gates, says the Lord.  And I will transform things in front of you and I will transform things in the earth that have even been raised up to stop My purposes says the Lord. And I will transform them into the gates of heaven, the gates of the future, the gates of breakthrough, says the Lord. 

DeeAnn Ward: And I am rearranging the priorities of your prayer life. There are things that you’re stuck on that I'm not in. I want you to move with Me in this next season. I want you to let go of what you think is important and I want you to lay your ear on My breast. 

And let Me tell you where to invest your faith, where to invest your time, where to invest your passion and your energy. Let Me rearrange your mind. That you might come in to the river of My Holy Spirit instruction. In Jesus name. 

Becky Albert: I heard the Lord saying, many of you have had an assault of the enemy against you that has driven you to this gate of the Red Sea. He has come to steal your wealth, your health, your destiny and most of all, your faith. But the Lord says, I am here today. I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah and I am roaring over you with recompense, says the Lord. I am here at this gate to cause you to pass through. And I will reward and recompense for your faith that you have stood in the assault of the enemy. So do not be dismayed, do not be in fear. Trust Me just a little while longer to take you over the Red Sea. 

For it is your gate of breakthrough. It is your gate of recompense and reward, says the Lord. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says there's a trauma in your soul that has come because of the weight and the delay. Even though it was working good in you. The Lord says today I want to come and heal that, so that when the manifestation comes you can receive it with the fullness of joy. 

Pam Good: The Lord would say that everything you have given to the furnace is not lost, but He is going to use that and it's going to be powerful in His hands. You would not believe how powerful everything we've left in the furnace is. 

Katherine Watsey: The Lord would say I'm going to cause you to pass in front of the enemy. And the Lord says as I turn those portals, those walls, those mountains, those seas into gates, I will cause you to pass right before the enemy and trample him under your feet, says the Lord. 

And the Lord says the enemy is going to see with his eyes and you will see with your eyes, the defeat of the enemy. And as you cross to that place, the Lord says I will bring you into My presence and My glory. So that you may conquer your enemies more and more.

April 29, 2018

Lisa Kilts: Driving into town I was meditating on the Lord, saying God You know I want to see You, I want to feel Your presence. I saw two angels at the north gate of Ark City and they were just fanning. They had these huge fans, they were huge and they were fanning.  So the Lord would say. I am fanning My presence in you. There is a piece of the kingdom of God in each one of you.  As you come here corporately, I want to release a kingdom expression corporately. I am fanning My presence over each one of you today and over the city of Ark City. So expect, expect to release something of the kingdom of God, from the inside of you into the earth.  

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says I am blowing away lies that you believe about Me. There is a goodness that wants to be released, that needs to be released about Me. I'm blowing away the lies that you are believing about Me and yourself, says the Lord. 

DeeAnn Ward: I saw two things, I saw those old movies, those Egyptian movies where the king is setting on the throne and there are two or three people on either side and they're fanning because he’s royalty. And they want him to be very, very comfortable. God says this is the day I come to bring My comfort. This is the day there's a new wind of comfort for your life. There's a new wind that blows away the lies and brings the comfort of the trueness of My Holy Spirit. Get ready to enjoy yourself in this next spirit time. Because I am present. When you fan something you set it on fire. The fire heats up so I would say, we'll just take that as well. Let's get fired up, let’s get fired up. Let's tell the devil “what for” and let’s get fired up. Let’s expose the lies and let’s get fired up in the presence of All Mighty God. Amen. 

 Denise Nutt:  We are coming to a time of the greatest show on earth. Get ready for the light show. There is an invitation going out to the light show and the “ticket” is belief. You have to believe. This is all about the glory. God created us. He's saying, I created you to carry My glory.  Show can be a verb. There is a son, ‘show me your glory.’ That's a verb, that's an action, show me. Then there's also a show, like you go to a show. And I believe that's what the Lord is saying, that He's getting ready to reveal the glory. And where are you in the midst of that?  You can be part of that if you want to.  I think of the greatest show on earth, when they had the circus. There were people that were the performers, they're in it. Or you go and watch. We can have box seats. We're seated with Christ. So we can watch the show or we can be part of the show. Whichever the Lord chooses. Because when He manifests in the earth realm, He's going to use His people to show off and show up. But we have to believe, so get ready for the greatest show on earth. 

April 22, 2018

Stephanie Condit: So the Lord would say that I want you to know that my love is loyal. That every situation that you are going through, My love is there, My love is faithful. And I want to give you eyes to see it so that you can filter that situation through My love so that you can see that it's there. My love will strengthen you.

Becky Albert: So I prophecy this morning to every spirit of darkness that has come at you with rudeness and doubt and unbelief and struggle and pain. I prophecy to the darkness and I say the light has come. I say that the glory of the Lord has risen upon every person in this room today. Upon every destiny in this room today.  And how dare you, devil to mess with who we are. I prophecy to you and I say that if God is for you who can be against you? I prophecy to the destiny of this house and I say if God is for us who can be against us?  The Lord says I rule, I reign, alone.  

Denise Nutt:  I heard the Lord say what do you believe? And He is saying today you need to choose what you believe. And there's a lot of sound. There's a lot of vibration that's coming from the secular world, but really from religion, trying to tell you what you ought to believe. And He's saying choose this day to believe Me. 

April 15, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: I want to invite you personally today saith the Lord, to wear my victors crown. I am bringing down the high thing. I am destroying the stronghold. I am dealing in this season with every trauma, with every besetting sin to break you out. Where I have pre-destined, I have pre-destined you to wear the victor’s crown, saith the Lord. 

Everything I am doing in your life at this point is to deliver you from the past and break you into a new mindset, which creates a new season of faith and overcoming power of My spirit, saith the Lord. 

Don't back up, it's not two steps forward and three steps back, in this season saith the Lord. It's a run to the finish. It's a run into victory. It's a run into the power and authority I've called you to be as I am and I am the one who walks on the water. I am the one who parts the seas. And I've called you to think outside your past season and into My word of victory, saith the Lord. 

I've come to set a fire. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says I want you to reboot to the power of the resurrection. The miracles begin with the resurrection.  Don't reboot all the way back before the cross. But reboot to the cross and the resurrection. That's where the power and beginning of miracles are at. 

Denise Nutt: I heard the Lord say "it is finished!” I went to the cross as the Lamb willingly and when I said, it is finished; it shook heaven, it shook earth, creation and it shook hell. 

But I want you to know that I came off that cross as the Lion! I am saying today as the Lion, "It is finished." 

Lisa Kilts: I'm just going to say what I saw, I did see crowns from heaven. I saw them falling on everyone. And I just heard the Lord say, I am infusing you with the dunamis power of the resurrection of My son Jesus. 

Becky Albert: I do hear that roar of the Lion of Judah. I heard it, do you hear it? And it's rising up in your spirit! The Lord says if you'll allow the roar of the Lion of Judah to come up out of you, if you will open your gates to Me today; the roar of the Lion of Judah will set you free.

It will absolutely cause you to be filled with the power and the glory that you have never walked in before says the Lord. I will set you on fire as a living flame. Every where your foot steps, you will take it for the Kingdom of God. So allow the roar of the Lion of the tribe of Judah to come through your gate today.

April 1, 2018

Stephanie Condit: I heard the Lord early this morning. I want you to trust Me, I want you to trust Me because there is life coming back to things that have been dead. It's resurrection life that is coming back to those things that you thought were gone and lost. Now they're coming back, they’re coming back. They may not come back the same but the Lord says, trust Me as I revive some of those things. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say today expect, expect, through this gate of Passover, through this gate of His resurrection, a glory explosion. It will remove the mixture that has been in the church for ages, for ages. Since about 500 years after He died. He is going to remove that mixture. He is going to get the glory. Jesus Christ will get the glory He deserves. 

March 18, 2018

Stephanie Condit:  So this is what I heard the Lord say this morning, I want to come and redeem some things. I want to come and redeem some things. First of all you could of made some bad choices in the past. But I want to give a new set of eyes and that you can look at that situation differently. Then I can also come in and I can change some things. I can redeem some things. I can bring some new life into those situations that you thought were just life changing and just ruined everything. But God says I just want to bring in redemption this month. And so I am giving you a new set of eyes to see things from the stand point of redemption. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say as we were worshiping that we're in a new era. And in this new era, My redemption in thisseason, I'm going to show you what I plan to do in the earth. That I have sent you to this earth. You came from me. I sent you the seeds of redemption in your DNA. They are there, you just need to connect with Me, the door. Jesus says I am the door, connect with Him.  Seek Him, press into Him and He will show you these seeds of redemption that you came to earth with, It's not something you are going to grab out here. It's something you came to earth with. You came from heaven to earth with these seeds and He wants to plant them in the earth and show Himself off. 

Becky Albert: For I have placed in your hand the key of the Lion of Judah.  Jesus Christ is the key to your perpetual open doors says the Lord. And because of the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, whatever it is that you are facing and whatever it is that’s been in your past, the Lord says there is redemption that's perpetually opened to you. And I will use you to plant the seeds of redemption in this earth realm. So remember in this month of Judah to praise the Lion of the tribe of Judah for He is your perpetual key.

March 11, 2018

BeckyAlbert: I heard the Lord say that DeeAnn is not the only one that's been going through a difficult season. That DeeAnn is not the only one who's been feeling like they can't hear God. That DeeAnn is not the only one who feels like they have been in the fire. And the defender, Jesus, your defender is in the house today. And He says on My wrist are the marks of My covenant with you.  I raise those before My Father today in your behalf, I am saying that is My covenant child. I have given My blood for him and for her. And the Lord says reach your hands to your defender today. He is here to deliver you. He is here to strengthen you.  He is here to encourage you. He has overcome anything and everything that will ever try to lie to you. That will ever tell you that God is dead. That God doesn't care about you. He says I love you, I am for you. I am in covenant with you. I am your covenant defender. Look at my wrists look, at the holes where I shed My blood for you. I am for you not against you. I am here to deliver you says the Lord. 

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says your identity comes after the grave not before. So if there are identities that you are hearing that's pre-grave, this is what I want to identify, it's just like going to Wal-Mart and looking at the posters. So when you see an identity that's not yours, don't take it. But when there's one that you come to that brings you hope, that's yours. 

Denise Nutt: What I heard the Lord say when Sandy was up here and she was showing us the things on the table and she picked up the money, I immediately heard, that's my portion. Then the next thing I heard was portion control. And the Lord says He doesn't have portion control. Heaven is limitless, and we are the ones that put control over the portions. If we're not doing it, we let other people say it about us. And so today He is saying there is no limit on the portions in heaven. 

February 18, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: I heard the spirit of the Lord say your heart is a gate today. And My spirit has come with the keys to unlock your heart; to dispel the confusion, to dispel the darkness, to dispel that which obscures the true power of this hour. For I am coming in power to demonstrate to you that you are more than you can think, ask or even imagine. According to My spirit that is well at work within you even this day. Do not let the liar come and make you small in this hour. Do not let the accuser come and rob you of your true identity in this day. But God says, I know who you are. I created you before the foundations of the world and it is My job in this hour to bring you to the fullness of that identity. I am busy conforming you into the imagine of My son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Stephanie Condit: So the Lord says, I want to break that lie that you cannot hear from Me. The Lord says you don't have to wait to get to church to hear from Me. There's some situations that you are wondering about. In fact, you haven't thought about asking Me about. The Lord says practice, go home and ask Me about some things because I am going to speak to you. Not only will I speak to you, I will confirm it.

Lisa Kilts: Wow. I heard the Lord say you are spirit and I long to unlock the gates that have been chained and bound in your thought processes and your soul so that connection to your spirit can flow freely. Expect it today and expect it this month.

Denise Nutt: I heard the Lord say, joy gate, this a day that gate is before us and we have an opportunity to go forth through that. But you have to make the choice to go through.

February 11, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: The Lord would say, My word is going to be like a lamp to your feet today and a light to your path. I've got a path I'm going to light up. I've got a course for your feet to walk on. And it's called VICTORY.

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says that My court system is a little bit different than the one down here on the earth, so the Lord says, you have entered into the court and there is going to be a judgment rendered today. 

January 28, 2018

DeeAnn Ward:​ The Lord would say, there are no tears in heaven. There is no sorrow in the heavenly realm. And I have created this house to be a portal of just that; n​o sorrow, no tears, no sickness, no disease, no poverty. I have created this portal to represent the true kingdom of heaven coming to the earth. He said,​ do not ​despair ​when you come in this house. Do not think that I have not been ac​quainted with that which you have brought in. But know that this is the season when a breaker anointing breaks off the realm of the earth and the second heaven and allows you to come up here. WooHoo!​

Lisa Kilts:​ Oh that's amazing because I heard the Lord say I am breaking off of you in this house the theology or the thought process of the past that you have to wait​ to get to heaven to have the things of heaven. I'm breaking that off of you. I heard Him say, I'm giving you a breaker anointing to bring those things to earth and they are here now in the earth, n​ot waiting for you to get there in heaven.

January 22, 2018

DeeAnn Ward: I just heard God say, keep your eyes wide open. Keep your eyes wide open this month because I'm going to come and overtake you with some joy in unexpected places. But if you've got your head down, if you've got your eyes shut, He said you're going to miss what I'm bringing into your life. He said there is a deep place in you that has yet to be satisified. And I am coming this month to be your satification.  

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says some of you are just too stiff. I'm going to bring some joy back to your life. That is one of My secret weapons in battle, joy. There is strength from that. And I'm even going to restore some joy in your family. We're going to have some fun. So don't be so stiff. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say there are literal rivers in heaven. Literal rivers in heaven. And as those flood gates open, as you gaze upon His word, as you gaze upon Him, those flood gates are going to come open and fill your life full of everything you need. So believe in those literal rivers that can cross the dimensions, that can come into you says the Lord, because I love to fill you with My peace, My joy. Everything you need, I long to do that for you, so just gaze on that, just believe in that. In the name of Jesus.  

January 14, 2018 

Becky Albert: The Lord says I'm releasing My voice in a new way in this hour in everything from heaven to earth that has stood in your way. The sound of My voice is shaking the devil out of your way. And I say you have long desired for Me to come in this way, but, there is a level of faith that's been released in the earth today that has not been there before. And the Lord says I am answering that faith. I am running to that faith. I am shattering every strong hold of darkness with the sound of my voice.

DeeAnn Ward: And the Lord would say there is only one thing equal to My holiness and that is My love. As you come to this new gate and you interact in this new level and if you interact with a new authority and you interact in a new boundary with My name and with My power--- don't back up. Don't back up, don't be intimidated. Don't back up. For He says I have come today to re-assure you that My love is greater than any misgivings that you have about yourself, any short comings that you have. My love is sufficient to empower you beyond any power of darkness. So, this is a great day to enter into My greatness. Because I've called you to be a partaker of My great nature. 

Lisa Kilts: The Lord would say I will have My way in the earth. There's no other option. I will have My way. Lift up your heads and your gates and your doors. Lift your heads up. Come up here. Come up here and hear what I have to say to you. You were born in the earth for such a time as this. We're a bridal company. Feel the love of God. Come up here and hear Him. He will do great and mighty things through you in the earth. 

Stephanie Condit: So, this is a season of great faith. I am having you do great faith acts. So you may do some things that are not normal. But the Lord says this is My litmus test. If it's rooted in My love. Because My love that is being infused into you today is a powerful love. You are going to come into greater revelation of it today. So this is the order; it is love, hope and faith. 

Brenda Bechtel: So, run to Me. Run to Me. Run to Me passionately with a furry you cannot contain. Run, run to My throne

Sheila Zimmerman: For I am filling you with My strength today. I'm covering you with the oil of My refreshing. And I'm filling you with My energy this year to go forth; to run to Me, to come after Me and do what I have called you to do. 

Susan Duff: For the winds are blowing, the four winds are blowing. Rise up, rise up, you dry bones. Rise up into and take the land. Rise up and walk through the gate. The wind is blowing the gates open for you. And before you is everything you prayed for.  And before you are all those answered prayers. And Lord, I just thank you right now for those answered prayers, in Jesus name.

January 7, 2018 

DeeAnn Ward: God says I'm going to do it, I sure am, I am going to do it. I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it! Every bit of it, I'm going to do all of it that you have asked of Me in this season! He said you are at a tipping point. I declare the tipping point. I declare the appointed time. And I am going to do it. I am going to do it. 

Becky Albert: I hear the Lord say in this past season you've put me in a box. And you have predetermined what the outcome will be. But God says in this season all I'm asking you to do is stand. Just stand because I am running to your aide. I am running to your defense. I am running to you with your miracle. I am running to you with your answer. The Lord says it has nothing to do with you except that you stand at the gate and believe that the King of Glory is coming in through the gate. The Lord says, I will do it in this season! 

Stephanie Condit: So the Lord says I am a Fed-X truck of hope that will deliver by noon today. He says you are going to get a new set of eyes. That today there is going to come stuff off of your vision that is keeping you from entering into hope today; delivered by Me! 

December 31, 2017 

Stephanie Condit: And the Lord says He wants to refresh your hope today. That this is a season where I want to give you new eyes of understanding in your heart. So I want to clear up the vision that is in your heart and give you a new perspective. And as that new perspective comes, that new hope will come. You can either hope for fear or you can hope for faith. And I want to restore your faith today and your hope. 

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say as the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man or the Lord. He wants you to look at that in a whole fresh new way. The Lord wants you to look at that. What happened with Noah? He just wants you to see, from a perspective of there had never been a ark before. So He is calling you up to see things that have never been before. 2018/5778 is a door, a gate to the new things that we've never seen before. He is calling everyone up to see these new things. And to bring the blueprint back to earth to release the Kingdom of God in the earth. 

December 17, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: I am doing open heart surgery in the house. He said I'm going open up your heart. I'm going to remove any anxiety and disappointment, any woundedness, any brokenness. I'm going to fill it up with holy grace. And He said you are going to be able to do things that you never thought it possible to do. You're going to be able to operate and inner act with people that you previously could not stand. I just have to tell it like it is. So Holy Spirit, You are welcome in this house. You are welcome to do open heart surgery. You're willing to take out anything that needs to come out. You're willing to bring us to a new beginning of heart grace, of heart love, of heart peace, of heart hope. And You are ready and able to swing open the gate to newness. You know what? Can we sing that song again and would you just like read the words and let it come up into your spirit in a new way? Because He's telling us something that He cab do.
Calley Russell: During worship I felt the Lord pouring out oil upon us. It's like we've been baptized in water. But there's a new baptism coming and He's doing it even now this morning. There's an oil, a baptism of oil that He's pouring down over us. It's a miracle of oil coming down over His people and it's for your protection. It's for your good. And He's beautifying His people.  
DeeAnn Ward: I am bring you to a new gate of Holy Spirit, a new release of Holy Spirit, a new intersection with Holy Spirit. A new relationship with the energy of Holy Spirit. So we just say to the Lord, we receive this newness of Holy Spirit. We receive this new opportunity, this new  experience. This new outpouring of Holy Spirit. And we say thank You God, thank You God,  we bless and praise You and thank You we receive today as a gift from You from Your heart to us. And we thank You, it's all because of the light of Jesus Christ pouring through the Holy Spirit in us.
Stephanie Condit: The Lord says I want you to review your prophetic words. Because I'm going to bring new revelation. You are going to see some things you have not seen before in your prophetic words and you'll get new direction.
DeeAnn Ward: Let's say, Lord Jesus, I do have prophetic words. I'm going to pay attention to what You want to do in my life through what You have ordered through the prophets.
Lisa Kilts: The Lord would say, My eyes, My eye is looking to and fro across the earth in this time. I have released the living creature with many eyes to go to and fro across the earth. To look for a company of people. A bride, those who are in covenant with Me and in love Me. That are ready to be anointed and have the oil flow down and be anointed as Kings and Priests.  So My beloved, get ready, look for me look, look, because My eye is searching and looking for you.
Becky Albert:  I had heard early on this morning before I came to church that 2018 or 5778 is going to be a year of unprecedented  relationship with Jesus Christ. That there is an intimacy that God is bringing to His people. And it's been available to us all along but for some reason, either the way that we think or the strong holds in our soul, have kept us from tapping into that intimacy. But this year I feel like that the Lord is dealing with those strongholds and He is the one that's going to blow them out of the way. Because He is determined to have a intimate relationship with you. To be involved in every part of your life. For you to know that He is real, for you to know that He is in control, for you to know that He is all powerful. God is and He's going to prove Himself in 2018.

Sunday December 10, 2017

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says in this season of light, I want to show you a new aspect of Me. And when you see Me you can hear Me. And so I want to come and break the lie that says, you can't hear Me, you can't hear what I say. That you can't know what I want to show you. Now I want to lead you into a new season. And so ask Me in this season of light to see Me.
Denise Nutt: The word I heard wasfilter. So I asked the Lord what do you mean by that? And it's about filtering sound. And so I felt like what He showed me was that, there's a lot of sounds. And the Lord is wanting us to clean our filters. That our filters need cleaned. And I saw that as we do that and wash that in the blood of Jesus, we were breaking that sound barrier to heaven. He is wanting us to hear the sound of JOY. That is coming from heaven. And so we're going to have to clean up our filter.
Calley Rusell: So I'm feeling like there's even some in this room today with a spirit of depression. And a spirit of hopelessness has been coming to you and you've been believing the lie. And it doesn't matter if you've been in a cycle for forty years. The spirit of joy is in this place, the spirit of joy is in this house to break you out.

Sunday December 3, 2017

Diane Hicks: I saw a bright beam of light come down. It was huge. Then that light shined it's light over each and every person here today. And  over the ones that were not able to make it here today.  I said,  Lord what does that mean? No matter what you're going through, whatever darkness you think you're having to deal with; y ou have the favor of God.  God's light it shining down on you. And I just want you to know, He is always there for you. Know that you have that light, carried within you and you can do all things through Him.

Calley Russell: You are going to find yourself bumping into systems. Systems not of Me. Systems controlled by this dark world. And when you bump up against these systems, you will feel and experience the injustice. The injustice that happens when there is  more concern for tradition and regulation, than there is for people. And these systems will attempt to make you feel so small and so insignificant. But don't worry, don't be afraid, because the light is on.  I've created and I am creating a system within My people. And My people will move as one. And they will overturn tables. For I am the God who overturns. My zeal has set a fire in this nation. 

Sunday November 19, 2017

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says I am the judge and I am standing at the gate today and I want to come and show you the difference between your will and your desire. There are desires in your heart that you don't even want yourself, but you don't know how to get rid of them. Let me show you because you are just seeing things from the wrong perspective. I can sanctify your desires because they will produce. Your desires will produce but let me bring the desires that are from the throne and let them manifest in your life.
Lisa Kilts: The Lord God would say you were born on the earth for such a time as this. Myplan for now is so big. I will start dropping droplets of fire upon you to purify those things in you that need to come out, because you are going to walk like Jesus did. You are going to stand before people and they will fall at your feet and say. I need that, I need Him, that's what I need. It won't be anything you do, it's all about Me. And so let those droplets of fire fall onyou in this time of the fire of the festival of lights. That's My plan for you.
Becky Albert: I heard the Lord say, the spirit, My spirit is brooding over My people in this hour and My eyes are turned on you. But I am looking for those whose eyes are turned towards Me. And the Lord says as I see your eye turned towards Me, I will remove theveil, so that you can see as you've never seen Me before. And I will seat Myself in you says the Lord, in a position of power and a position of rule and position of reign, such as you have not known before. And you will walk the earth with Jesus, like Jesus...not Jesus, but like Him, In His power, we will see the nations turn and we will see every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. So the Lord says, I've released the trumpeter angels in this hour and they are sounding over you a sound. Some will hear with your natural ear and some will onlyhear from the vibrations they are causing. And it is causing My people to come up to a level that they've never come before. So the Lord says as I blow and the angels blow over you, turn your eyes towards Me and I will remove the veil so that you can see.

Sunday November 12, 2017

Denise Nutt:
I felt in the atmosphere that when we praise, there is this movement from the heavens. It was the angelic joining in. And I felt like whatt he Lord said was, there's no neutral when you're praising me. You're either praising me or you're praising the opposite camp. So there's no neutral.
Diane Hicks:
Well I've seen it before but TODAY; if we had an upstairs, if we had a balcony! Let me tell you, there is an angelic choir up here. And they are all singing with us today.
Becky Albert:
Sound opens a portal and the Lord says every time you praise me, it opens a portal into the realms and the dimensions you cannot see. But what it does, it opens the heavens so that the angelic can fly into your midst bringing the help and assistance that you so desire. So always, praise me says the Lord!
Brenda Bechtel:
And in this year of the gate, in this year of the door, it's time to move, it's time to move forward. It's time to say yes. Choose this day who you're going to serve. I say, serve the Lord! He told us the answer; choose the Lord and He's going to move us forward. Move us into the future, into our promise, into the tribe that we have been called into to see the plans and purposes of God fulfilled.
DeeAnn Ward:
I just want to prophecy that this house is a think tank house. The world has think tanks but we are in His think tank. God says He's increasing our ability to relate to Him by faith. But He is increasing our ability to desire. Faith comes by desire. You attract things into your life by what you desire.

Sunday November 5, 2017

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says that today He wants to take fear from you. Ask Holy Spirit where it is that you are toiling and you will identify the areas of fear that I want to take from you. This is a season to learn to trust Me. I want to take away the terror that you have at night and give you rest.  

Sunday October 29, 2017

DeeAnn Ward :  The Lord began to speak to me, My Lord has conquered the grave.  The Spirit of God said to me, there is an eternal grave and then there is a temporal grave.  He says the eternal grave leads to two eternal existences, but He said the devil has planned for you a graveyard right here as you live.  He has a plan to cover you up, to silence you, to keep you confined to a box, a box of thinking, a box of living, a box of information, but He says, I have come to set you out of that grave box.  I have come to set you free.  I have come to set you in this year called 5778.  I have called you to a new birth.  I have called you to a new beginning.  I have called you to be born again again and to come out of any limitation, to come out of that feeling of just being heaped on, covered over and come up out strong.  This is the year of revelation.  This is the year of multiplicity.  This is the year of good things.  This is not the year of the graveyard.  This is the year of entering into the promised land, says the Lord.
I want to declare over you that this is going to be a great day in this house, that this house has a breaker anointing on it and that God is going to break you out.  He is going to jerk you through a portal and give you some new thoughts today.  He is going to rearrange and eliminate some old thinking.  He is going to refresh you.  He is going to bless you.  He is going to tell you what time it is and I will tell you what, this is the day of special revelation.  This is the day when God says some stuff to you that you don't make up yourself.  We don't make stuff up in here.  We don't.  We just say what God says,so let's hear some of what God's saying.
Stephanie Condit:  So the Lord says you are not on the Price is Right, so don't worry and think that you are going to be having to choose the right door to go through.  This is a season where I am putting you in front of the right door and just remember it is voice activated.
Denise Nutt:  I sense that the Lord is speaking about generations this morning.  I saw a tree and it was about the root system and how deep is your root going.  Some of these roots need to be plucked up.  They need to be cut off.  In order for the tree to be fruitful, you need to have a good root system.  I felt like He was saying that it was a generational thing and it went clear back to Adam and it went back to that tree that caused a lot of problems.  And then, the sin, the sin that caused Jesus to hang on a tree and He made a way for our generational tree to be in His everlasting generational root system.

Sunday October 22, 2017

DeeAnn Ward:  And the Lord would say that this house is filled with spiritual pioneers.  God keeps showing me the singular nature of this emblem of 5778.  It's not him and all of his family and all of his grandkids and all of the workplace that he works with. That is a single person walking through a singular gate for a singular anointing for a singular future.  That idea of a fresh wind blowing up in this house is to refresh every single one of you so you will know that to be a prototype, you are a first. You are going to break out.  Your prayers, I hope we see it in our lifetime, but you are not here to keep the status quo of your family in place.  The habits of your family, the habits of your workplace, the habits of the generation, God said I brought you here to jerk you out of that, to call you up to a place where you begin to light the supernatural fire of pioneers in a bloodline.  You are pioneers in your bloodline and that is why there are many occasions when you feel like nobody else gets it.  God says nobody else does get it.  I called you to get it.  I called you to light fires.  Though none go with me.  In case you are waiting to take a vote, God says this is not the year to take a vote, this is the year to break through to go through.  If you will go through, I will take care of the rest.  The anointing on your life cannot be mitigated.  You just think if you will be sweet enough, nice enough, do enough that they will come with you.  God says, I am not calling them to come with you right now.  I am calling you to go through.  You haven't got anything to give them unless you go through.  I remember one of my mentors in the prayer movement said to me, if you don't go on, your husband will never come in.  Do not temper your speed to appease those who don't get the call of God on your life.  Don't slow your pace down so that everybody can catch up.  This is not the catch up season.  Run the race.  Take note of the lead that God is calling you to participate in.  Walk through the gate. Have a new beginning.
Becky Albert:  I heard the Holy Spirit say, awakening winds.  Then the Lord said to me, I am opening the books.  I am standing today in the Courts of Heaven and I am opening the books of destiny. I am opening your book, says the Lord.  And I am blowing an awakening wind on gifts and talents and abilities.  I am blowing an awakening wind on hope deferred.  I am blowing awakening wind on your destiny, says the Lord and I am opening the books of cities and I am opening the books of nations.  The Lord says, I am blowing an awakening wind and My glory wind will blow on you and you will see Me in a new way.
Denise Nutt:  I heard the Lord say that I am the eternal original flame.  I am the true eternal flame.  I heard the Lord say,  I am stretching out that.  If you are Mine, you have that eternal flame in you but I am moving that boundary to your eyes, to all your senses.  Your eyes will have that flame just like Jesus had the fire burning in your eyes, in your hands, in your mouth, in how you walk, in all of your senses. God says I am moving the boundary so that will come out through you.  So the Lord would say, the flame in you, the eternal light that is in you, the eternal flame, you can ignite someone else.
Stephanie Condit:  The Lord says that I am building up confidence in you in this season.  If you look back over the last six-eight weeks, there have been times where you knew you heard His voice and you either did or didn't do it.  The Lord just wants you to know that I am training you up in this season where it is not critical because I want you to be so confident that when it is life and death you will have such confidence in My word that you can walk it and do it without any hesitation.
Diane Hicks:  I saw that it was like we were in a tent and there was this white veil covering the opening.  The Lord blew that open and He wants you to have confidence to step forward to go through the door.  He's given you everything you need.  It is like He has a backpack, everything you need is in it.  You need to believe in yourself, step forward, go through the door.
DeeAnn Ward:  The Lord says you were never designed to live in the wilderness.  You were designed to live in the promise.  The wilderness is temporary, but the promise is eternal.  God says, this is a time to embrace the eternal promises.  They are true.  They are everlasting and they do come forth in the appointed season.

Sunday October 8, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: We are always looking for what God is doing behind the scenes and God says He is going to open up our eyes.  Let  me just say it like this.  The Lord would say I am going to open up your eyes and I am going to show you how I am going to terrorize your enemies.  You are going to see behind the scenes in a way that you have never seen before.  The purpose of that is to make you bolder than you have ever been before and to break off the intimidation .   I am going to show you how I am dealing with your enemies.  I am going to show you how I am dealing with the spirits in this nation that have crossed My will.  I am going to say to My people ; watch how My mighty right arm extends into the enemy's territory and begins to bring judgment for all to see.

Sunday October 1, 2017

Stephanie Condit: This is the season and this is the year that we are going into ; the family is going to go to war.   There are those that you will go eat lunch with but not go to war with.  This is the season where it is time for the family to rise up and go to war together.  It is not just your family, but it is THE family.

Calley Russell: During worship I saw something and I am just going to release it.  There is a now movement that's happening and there is a procession that is taking place.  There is a call of God and we are going up a mountain.  As we go through the gate, we're going up a mountain.  It is the tallest of all mountains.  All the other mountains looked to the mountain and as we are going up we are going to be radiant.  We will see Him and be like Him.  We are full of radiance and full of light and full of shining.  The wealth of the nations will come to it.

Sunday September 24, 2017

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says as we enter into this new year that eight is enough. You are going to enter into a new season -- seasons of satisfaction --  seasons of satisfaction because you are doing My will. It may seem like you accidently fall into it ; but I am helping to align you and get you to where you need to be.  This is eight is enough.

DeeAnn Ward: I saw the Spirit of God hovering over us like the hovering  over in Genesis 1 when He was hovering over the face of the deep.   Where He was going to make sense out of the chaos.  Where He was going to bring order out of conflicting atmospheres.  Where He was going to make sense out of His future.  I say to you in this time, in this year of the new eight, God is going to break through and make sense out of some things that have been confusing.  That everything that you have endured in the chaotic mess is an opportunity to earn My attention, to earn My favor . He says this is a season where earned favor is more than enough.  It is super abundantly above anything you could think, ask or even imagine.  Watch Me grace you.  Watch me clear out the confusion.  Watch me turn on the lights as life in your situation.  Have no fear.  Have no fear.  I am enough and the revelation that I am going to download in this season will bring such clarity that that which has been a temptation to be confusing and obtuse comes in like it is under a magnifying glass . I am going to show you what you have overcome and what you have earned in My throne room at this season, saith the Lord.

Sunday September 10, 2017

Stephanie Condit:  The Lord would say that there is a window of change coming and this change I want you to go through.  I want you to choose to go through.  When I have called for a change order in your life, there is grace for you to go through it.  So even if it is something that you have never done before, choose to go through it and call and get the grace to go through.  

Denise Nutt:  I heard the Lord say, do you really believe?  It is because of my great love that grace flows.  It is because of my great love and I do have unfailing love.  I heard the Lord earlier this morning say as I was asking for His power and His glory to be here; just let it be.  So God is not withholding anything from us.

Lisa Kilts:  Your Father, your Creator, your Savior wants you to know that there is a place in Him in you.   It is the place of faith.  It is the secret place of the Most High God in you.  It has My faith.  If you connect with that place in you; I am in you.  If you just would connect with Me, the faith would be there for anything; for the storms that are surrounding you.  It surpasses your flesh. It surpasses your mind and your thoughts.  There is a place in Me in you that is My faith and that is where you need to connect.

DeeAnn Ward:  Here is what I heard the Spirit of God say.  I am going to give you eyes to see in the next few weeks the power of My redemptive love. And what you are going to see recovered out of this storm is My redemptive love.  I am going to connect you in places with people and even on the TV where you will recognize and you will be glorifying Me in this mess.  It is My intention to bring forth the redemption of My Kingdom out of the storm.
That is My nature; out of every storm to bring redemption.  Out of every storm to replace and to reorganize and to reestablish the priorities that are Mine; that belong to My Kingdom.  He says the wealth that has been trusted in will no longer satisfy the events that are happening in the earth.  I am saying that My faith and My grace and My great love are the currency of the future, in Jesus' name.

Sunday August 27, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: And I heard the Spirit of God say; for sure if you will give Me your fears and if you will give Me your sorrows, I will bring to end some suffering, some unnecessary suffering. God says I am here to lift that burden of fear, to lift that anxiety, to lift the fear of tomorrow and the unknown and all of the confusion that you are wading through.  God says if you will do this one thing right now; give Me your fear, give it up. Give Me your concerns and your sorrow. Give it up.  So we just say, today is the day that we experience a true presence of the grace of God.

Denise Nutt: What I heard the Lord say was to stop and to shift and to look again at the words of "Today is the Day." There is no fear in tomorrow because every day we can say "this is the day." God is so smart.  So, if we can just look at that; then there is no fear, there is no doubt, because every day we can say, "this is the day."

Stephanie Condit: So the Lord just wants to say that today is and the next four weeks are the season where it is going to be easy to hear Me. He wants to work with you and He wants to train you. So enter in because not only are you going to hear something, He is going to confirm it.  He wants to work with you and train you this month so that you can hear His voice. If it is critical that you need to hear His voice, you will hear it.  If it is not critical, you will be able to hear His voice.

Lisa Kilts: I just heard the Lord saying that I am here to pour out into you good things, good things today.  Just tune your ears into me and listen because you are going to get some connections with Me and I am coming into your field now.

Calley Russell: I just heard and saw the Lord saying that you just thought your desires were going out there, but He said they've gone up to Me.  When they came up to Me, I captured them and I held onto them.  This is the time that I am coming to where you are and I am bringing those to you and I am breathing those desires right back into your heart and they will come true.

Brenda Bechtel: As you have audience with Me and you come into My tent; don't forget the intimacy.  I know every hope you have.  I know every dream you have.  I know every physical need you have and every care and every hope you have.  Don't forget the intimacy.  Let Me love on you like you have never been loved on before.

Sunday August 20, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: Here is what I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying.  He is saying you have commanded My attention this morning.  He said I have watched you and I have observed you come through the strait and the hard place.  He said I have come to announce over you that this is the season I send My angelic assistance .   T hat which has not been, that which has alluded you ; comes to the forefront in this season.  That which has escaped you, that which has left you sensing lack ; I come today to tell you the future .  w ith My angelic assistance is the future that assures victory.  I say you have commanded my attention.  You have come through the narrow place.   You have come through the hard place.  You have overcome and I say there will be a brilliance. There will be a joy.  There will be a witness.  You will know that in fact the angels are on your side in this season, saith the Lord.

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say get ready, get ready, get ready.  This has been a season of plowing and trying to hear me ; but , get ready because the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords is soon to come into your field.  That looks like Me , the Lord, coming to your field.  Just believe that I am coming to your field very soon.  Get ready to hear from Me in a great and mighty way.  Yes, the angels will be in the field too.

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says, you may have lost some battles, but you have won the war.  So I want your eyes to be lifted up and I want you to focus on the fact that the victory is there .  It has already been won !  The battles are just a minor distraction.

Sunday August 13, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: I heard the Spirit of God say, I'm coming down today to make a space for that belief system in you.  I have brought you here today to crack open an area where My faith for the impossible can work in your life. I just hear the Spirit of God say; get ready for an uplifting, get ready for a breakthrough, get ready for a breakout day.

Stephanie Condit: This is what the Lord wants to do; t his is a season He is knocking doubt out of the way !  
There are events, there are situations, there are people, there are traumas that have come in and set doubt in place from years ago.  He wants to take that out in this season and faith is coming in.

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say, the re is no place in My word that says to strive is to enter into His rest.  So if there is any stri ving in you in any situation at all, then you need to turn the focus on the Lord.  He said that in order to rest in someone you have to know them ; so , you have to start seeking Me and who I am and the rest will come automatically.

Sunday July 30, 2017

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says it is time for a season of favor, a time for a season of success. The next three weeks will be a season where I am going to open up favor to you for the next three months.  So ask Me and I will lead you.  Ask Me and I will give you strategy. It is My voice, it is My wisdom and My word that is going to be the door to open up the season of favor.
Lisa Kilts: The Lord would say, I did not send you here, You came from Me.  Everyone realize, you came from Me.  I did not send you here without purpose and destiny and a plan.  I have plans for you.  I have great plans for you, so seek Me.  There is so much power in agreement with Me.  I am speaking to each one of you because I did not send you here to leave you without hearing from Me.  Just keep seeking Me. I will pour out My presence, My plan and your destiny, the Lord says.
BeckyAlbert: I heard the Lord say, I am coming.  I am coming in response to hearts that have asked and hearts that are hungry.  I am coming in an individual visitation with a revelation of My power, My glory,
My ability and My victory that you have never seen before, says the Lord.  It is up to you.  If you will open your heart and you will say "yes Lord" to this visitation, I will visit you individually in this next three weeks period and I will show you great and mighty things that you have not known.
Denise Nutt: I heard the Lord say, I am God and there is no other.   When we heard the drums this morning; God was doing something so deep, so so deep and it was very non-verbal.  He is saying, that we are coming to this time when we can say a lot of things and I am not saying we do away with words. But, it is simply the thing where you just raise your hands. I saw He was like a light and He was connecting with our spirit and there were no words, no words you could even say or verbalize. He is God and there is no other.
DeeAnn Ward: What I saw when I heard those drums for just a short period, I saw the Lord roll back the darkness.  Then as we sang the next songs, He began to speak to me and He said, I am coming this season as a God of war on your behalf.  I am rolling back the darkness so that you may see Me victorious over the darkness that has tried to hold you captive.  I come to rebuke the darkness off of your life.  I come to rebuke the sound of the evil one off of your ears.  I come to rebuke the woundedness of the evil one off of your heart.  I come to illuminate your spirit that you may walk in partnership with Me; not wondering, but knowing that I am the God who rebukes satan on your behalf in Jesus' name.  When I rebuke satan on your behalf, know that restoration is coming on your behalf.  Know that what you couldn't do with your mouth in the past season, I will do with My voice in this season.  When I speak no one stands against My plans and purposes.  I say it is My season to claim ownership and Lordship and Kingship over all that concerns you.  Watch me show off My Kingdom authority on your behalf and you and I will walk together in a new place, a new place, and we will know together the plans that I have for you, saith the Lord. You are one step away, one obedient step away from a whole new level of My power and My authority.

Sunday July 23, 2017

Lisa Kilts: The Lord wants to speak to you out of the song.  He wants you to realize where the Spirit of the Lord is.  Where is the Spirit of the Lord?  He is everywhere, but mostly He is in you.  If you have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, the Spirit of the Lord is in you and you have freedom and liberty in that.  He says take it, walk in it; don't listen to the voices that say you are not free.  Walk in the freedom the Spirit of the Lord has given you so graciously through grace.
Stephanie Condit: The Lord would say, keep your eyes on me.  This is a season, especially in the next three weeks that you need to operate in integrity and those evil doers that are operating in businesses, that are operating in the city are going to be escorted out by My angels.  Keep your eyes on Me and you watch the Spirit of the Lord come and evict them.
Becky Albert: I heard the Lord say, there is a revelation of freedom that is coming to My people, because this is a season that I am preparing you for advancement. And that lack of revelation has held your feet in place and held you in a place of bondage that I did not purchase for you to walk in.  I purchased  you with My blood.  You belong to me and I am bringing this day a revelation to you individually of the freedom that I have purchased for you to walk in, says the Lord.
DeeAnn Ward: That goes right along with what I was hearing;
like, I have got a hitch in my get-along.  God says, I've come to remove the hitch from your get-along.
Denise Nutt: Alright, this is kinda fun.  God says today to receive the waves.  You can actually live in these waves.  You can live in that water, if it is the gentle lapping waves or if it is a tsunami.  You can live in that, you can play in that, and there is great freedom in that.

Sunday June 25, 2017
Denise Nutt:  Now here is what I hear the Lord saying that it is time to release.  He wants to release the dunamis power that is in us.  We say lots of things.  We can quote the scriptures.  We say it but we don't have that power backing it up and we don't have heaven backing it up.   He said it is time to mix those two.
Calley Russell:  So I was on my way home this last week.  I was driving almost to my driveway and right in front of my car was a flock of small birds.  Right when I was getting to my driveway, this hawk swooped down, snatched one of those small birds and pounced on it right in the street, right in front of me.  I tell you that flock of birds came around and fought for that bird I am telling you with everything.  The Lord is, if you feel like the enemy is trying to isolate you and got his claws into you to pull you out of the ecclesia, I am here today to tell you that this ecclesia is going to move as one.  We are going to move as one.  We are going to move as one and we are fighting for one another.
Becky Albert:  Jeremiah 33:3  Call on me says the Lord and I will answer you and I will show you great and mighty things that you did not know.  So today is the day.  Call on the Lord if you are feeling isolated.  Call on the Lord if you are feeling the enemy surround you and He will show you, He will answer you and you will be set free.

Sunday June 18, 2017
DeeAnn Ward:  I heard God this morning and God said, I have a future, I have a hope, I have a new door for you to walk through this season.  I have a place where you have not ministered but you will minister in the days ahead.  He said, I am giving you the key today to unlock that door and the key is praise.  If you will praise me.  If you will be grateful and thankful.  If you will be hopeful and unashamed in your praise for me,  I'll unlock you future.  I'll unlock your destiny and it will be exceedingly abundantly above anything you could think, ask or even imagine because praise takes you into heaven's dimension.   Praise takes you on up over your enemies, up over your circumstance and it leads you in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.
Lisa Kilts:  I heard the Lord say this morning.  Sons and daughters, I am exalted and high and lifted up.  Just as my word says I am saying to you today as I am you are now in this world.  So see yourselves high and lifted up.  See yourselves stepping over into the blessings, not trying to do something to get there but just to rest and walk in what Jesus has already done.  See yourselves that way and you will praise God for sure.
Stephanie Condit:  I just hear the word of the Lord say that the blessings are right in front of you.  Just step in.  The same thing that Lisa was saying.  The blessings of the Lord are right at hand.  Step into them.
DeeAnn Ward:  So here is what the Lord would say to us in conclusion.  You need to focus. Be who you are.  Don't let others control you.  Don't let others control your focus. They have no right to influence you.  God says I will deal with those who seek to mark you, who seek to control you, who seek to judge you and who seek to limit you.  God says, in this hour, I am coming knocking on the door of my church's heart to find out where their focus is, to live their life in freedom with me, to owe no man anything even allegiance, even focus.  God said, you'll never move outside the second heaven realm if you don't learn how to shut up the naysayers around you.  He says I am giving you a supernatural noise-cancelling experience today so that you can live out of the third heaven and live out of my voice and live out of my will.  I want you to understand that one of the things that you are going to find shifted in this season.  You are going to find that God's going to come down and trouble some of the people that have troubled you.  That is what the prophet said in this last season.  He said that it was born out of the mouth of two witnesses.  It came as a prophecy and then it came from the prophet and the apostle Chuck Pierce.  He said that there's going to come some trouble down from God on some people and they are going to wish to God that He had never come down.  Wouldn't it just be like God in order to get Himself some glory to bring some trouble on those that have troubled the body of faith in the earth?  God says this is the season you pray.  This is the season you stay underneath My voice and I will deal with those that seek to limit you, to mock you, to put you in a narrow place, to mark you off.  He says, let me tell you what.  The first one I am coming to is the generation underneath you who were one of the first to blaspheme the role of the mother and the father.  The generational gap will be closed by God Almighty.  Some of you have endured the judgment of your very own seed and God says I don't like that.  It is not going well with their lives.  You look at where the mouth of the rebellious seed has led them and you pray for mercy because without the mercy of God they are without help indeed.  This generation gap was the seed of the devil to cause a breech in the body of Christ to separate the children from the authority of their parents and the robe has mocked the godly mother and father.  God says I am going to move by My mighty right arm and there will be mercy in this season but you will be the ones to extend it in prayer because I am going to move on your behalf.  I am going to move on your behalf.  So say with me right now, Lord Jesus, I extend mercy to those who have judged me, spoke against me, had the audacity to curse me with their very own mouth.  I forgive them and I extend mercy to them.  Now, move by your righteous indignation and claim what is your in Jesus' name.

Sunday June 4, 2017
DeeAnn Ward:  I just want to give an impression that I have from the Holy Spirit right now. As we waved the bread and as we waved our praise, that is the key to increase. Praise is the key to increase. Praise is the greatest effort of faith that you can make when you are in a hard place. Praising God for who He is. Praising God for His will for your life, even though you may not be on course to the fullness that you want. God says, if you just praise Me, increase is in your boundary. As you praise Me, wholeness is in your boundary. If you praise Me, health is in your boundary. So God says today, during this time that we are gathered together His intention is to work mightily in you. So don't wait for some form, some old prototype that would get all lathered up and have a prayer line and everybody falls down. Although I do like to get lathered up and I do like to fall down. But God says today, exercise your faith as you come into a point of agreement and when Sandy's talking about waving that hanky, she is saying when I say the word that you can be in agreement with, just lift that hanky and let the power of that reside on the inside of you and in your boundary, says the Lord.

DeeAnn Ward:  So God would say, don't think it's going to get any easier. He said, if you will make the choice, I'll move. If you are waiting for me to move before you make the choice, you won't have a change. He said, I am going to open doors. I am going to open doors. I am going to open doors. I am going to open doors and you are thinking I can't go through this. God says if you will go through the door, I will meet you. This is how it works. The grace doesn't come before. It comes after you make the choice. So today we are making the choice to walk through the next door of opportunity, the next door of success, the next door of ministry, the next door of wholeness and we are saying, this is what I choose today and God says, you choose it, I will meet you in it.

Sunday May 28, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: So the Lord would say, it's time to seek Me that you may find Me.  Because My ways are higher than your ways; there is opportunity for doubt of the Father's love.  I come today to relieve you of that doubt; to say in the midst of your situation, there is a perfect love which casts out all fear and doubt.  That is your portion today.  That is my assignment today, to break in with the Father's love, the unconditional, irrevocable, undeniable, superior, excellent, abundant love.  Seek it.  You will find it and it will bring ease and comfort and the Kingdom of God will prevail, saith the Lord.  Let's give God thanks.  Let's give God praise.  Let's give God glory for that.Yes.  Let's lift up our hands.

Sunday May 14, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: We hear about scripture and we know all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  He was reminding me and said, DeeAnn, I want you to meditate on that.  My intent is that out of everything that I am taking you through, you will experience My goodness.  There will come a point in your life that you will never question that what I am doing in your life is for your ultimate goodness because I intend for you to be a goodness light wherever you go.  So I declare over us today that we are going to know the goodness of God.  We're going to know that even out of things that have surprised us, overwhelmed us, taken us down, laid us out, knocked us off, made us crazy; that our God wants to work that out for good.  So our testimony is; God is good.  Let's just thank God and give Him praise.  He really is a good God.  He is good.

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say, everyone here has a deep longing for purpose and destiny.  The Lord says the key to substance to unlock that destiny is His love.  Do not focus on things of the past; things that have been done wrong.  Focus on His love and it will make your crooked ways straight and it will put you on that path of destiny.

Denise Nutt: I heard the word "tempo" and I heard the Lord is changing the tempo.   We are going to have to listen and we are going to have to feel that tempo.  It's not the same-old, same-old dance we've always done.

Sunday April 30, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: This is what God says to you today.  My little children, you are important to me.  I have a plan to use you.  I have a plan to open up your mouth and fill it with my word.  I have a plan to put a new bigness of my Holy Spirit in you and on you, because you are important to Me.  And everybody says, AMEN.

And the Lord would say, I have an appointment for you with my goodness.  I have a kairos intersection planned for you in this season, where you intercept with my abundant goodness above anything you could think, ask or even imagine.  Because I have a joy to release over you in this season.  I have energy to release over you in this season. So expect my goodness.  Don't expect trouble.  Expect my goodness.  Don't expect pain.  Expect my goodness.  Don't expect sickness or disease or lack.  Expect my goodness, saith the Lord.

Stephanie Condit: I hear the Lord say that He is changing your DNA.  This is a season and a time where you do not agree with your bloodline, with your history; your history of heart disease, or cancer.  

Cut it off.  I see that He is going in and He is taking pieces out of your DNA and putting in His DNA. As we take communion today, visualize that and see that your body is physically changing to His DNA.

Lisa Kilts: The word I got was increase, that I am the Lord of increase.  You were created for increase from the foundations of the earth and before the foundations of the earth.  Tap into that.  Tap into the Lord.  Hear the Lord and the increase will come in whatever area you need it.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Becky Albert: I hear a cry from the throne room of heaven and He says, the Lord of Hosts has arisen.  This day there is a door of deliverance open for.  This day, today, the Lord says I am dealing with every enemy.  I, the Lord of Hosts, am here to set you free today.  Open your heart to me and I will quickly deal with everything that has invaded your life, says the Lord.

Calley Russell: Beloved, goodness is a substance.  Goodness has purpose.  It is like a spiritual vortex or a tornado.  Jump inside that vortex; the vortex of goodness and the essence of who I am.  As you align with that whirlwind watch all good things be attracted to you.  Reconciliation is there.  Joy is there.  Love is there.  And worry-free is there.

Stephanie Condit: The Lord says today and during this next week as you are in this Passover season; if you have had a loss of any type, if you've had a loss of a loved one, if you've had a loss of finances, if you've had a loss of time, I bring redemption in every situation.  This is a time of redemption.  As Passover comes lift those things up.  There is no loss.  Redemption comes.  

Lisa Kilts: And the Lord God would say if you have deficiency; there is no deficiency in me.  The finished work of the cross has everything you need.  So if you have any kind of deficiency, look to the finished work of the cross.  Look to the blood of the Lamb.  There is no deficiency there.  It will solve every problem, every need.  Just look to that.

JD Russell: Our Father in Heaven would say, I release physical signs upon this earth.   I have turned the United States upside down; the governmental system.  As the United States government has released 59 missiles into a wrong situation; 5 is grace and 9 is the fruit of the Spirit.  I release grace and the fruit of the Spirit over the United States.  So step into my season, Church. Awaken Church.  Arise, Ecclesia into the fruit of the Spirit to awaken a nation to the power of who I Am.

Diane Hicks: What I saw were two mountains on either side and there is a rickety bridge in between.   God is on the other side telling us to come, to cross over.  Some of you lack faith; saying do I run, do I jump?  Some of you are saying it's too high, I can't do it.  You have gotten your eyes off God, and God is saying, keep your eyes on Me!  Some want to to say, I need to check the bridge out.  I don't if I can handle this.  I need to make sure it is stable for everybody else!  God is saying, come on over. Everything is fine.  So, if you have any concerns, it's time to give it up.  It's time to put your eye on God.  God is wanting you to cross over this time.  I just see the mountains and the rickety old bridge and He's there on the other side.  If you keep your eyes on Him, you won't be worried about what's below.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lisa Kilts: I heard the Lord say, I am in invasion mode.  I am not going to invade, I am already invading.  So, get ready because invasion has started and the battle is on!

Becky Albert: The Lord says, I am drawing and I am calling and there is an awakening wind that is blowing in you today.  The Lord says, I have a redemptive plan and a redemptive purpose for you.  I am calling you to step in to My redemptive plan and My redemptive purpose for you.  I am telling you there is a clarion call going out to My people.  This is a Passover like no other Passover.  If you will hear my voice and if you will say Lord, here am I; I will cause you to do mighty exploits in My kingdom for such a time as this.

Stephanie Condit: The Lord wants to remind you that the power or the battle between good and evil is not two equal powers battling against each other; the power that we are with is greater than the evil.  He wants you to know that every time you step into this place that you are picking up a weapon.  Last week, we got clarity and this week, as you step into this place, your weapon of choice is agreement.  So come into agreement with the word of the Lord that comes across today.   Get into agreement with someone today. Get into agreement with the word today for yourself.  Agreement is your weapon of choice today.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Becky Albert: I just heard the Lord say that we are coming into a season of clarity. That there have been many in the room that feel like you have been caught in a state of confusion. He says, I have called you to pass over by Purim. So there is coming a season of clarity just as Esther had an 'aha' moment and she said, who knows but that I've been born into the kingdom for such a time as this. The Lord says, yes you have been born into the kingdom for such a time as this. He wants you to cross over. He wants you to inherit all that He has called you to inherit. So expect clarity.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stephanie Condit:  This is not unlike what has already been spoken.  The Lord says, not only are your blessings on the way, but there are situations in your life that you are looking at that don't appear to be blessings.  So the Lord says, look and look again because My blessings are here.  Look and look again at the situations and know that My blessings are here.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: I have seen your intentionality about seeing My promises come to pass in your life in this season.  Because this is the season that I have dispatched the angels to work with you in accordance with My will and when I put heaven behind My will and you agree, nothing is impossible, saith the Lord.
Lisa Kilts:  To add to that, the Lord would say that the earth is now seeded with possibilities. In kingdom possibility, do not limit yourself because every person here has a purpose and a plan.  You were born for now.  You were born for here and all things are possible. Do not be discouraged.  Be encouraged.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

DeeAnn Ward: I've drawn you into this house today to give you another glimpse of your future, to put you in a position to look at your life from another perspective.  I've come today to tell you to stand.  Having done all, I call you to stand today because I am telling you, you are just about at the tipping point.  The tipping point is everything that you have believed Me for.  I am not a man that I would lie.  I have not built your hopes up to bring you to nothing.  I've not called you to pray and to stand for nothing, saith the Lord.  I've come to give you My viewpoint on your future today and you have a good future, saith the Lord.  I am telling you, look at yourself in the future and know that I am not only with you, I am causing you to be a strong and bold representation of My Kingdom in the earth, thus saith the Lord.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lisa Kilts: The Lord would say to you in this season, the season of the Festival of Lights, He will get Himself some glory!  His light will shine in the earth and He longs for those in the darkness to see the light shine.  He is coming with great brightness in the earth.  All of hell and no one in the earth can stop Him from  coming into the earth.  He came into the earth during the season of the Festival of Lights.  He is the light.  He is the center candle. We are part of His company and He longs to shine through us.  He wants you to know that He is in you.  He is the light so you have light.  You just have to believe that you have the light.  You need to not worry about what anyone else thinks of you.  You need to hear Him and do what He says.  You are the light.  You are the light of the world.  He is the light of the world,  He is in you and you are the light of the world.

DeeAnnWard:  So I heard the Lord say, don't wait any longer to enter into the joy.  He said the joy has come.  I have come and the ,joy awaits your invitation because I am about joy in this season.  I am about revelation in this season.  I am about  breaking down barriers.  I am about releasing new thoughts, new experiences.  I am about the angels coming into your home and coming into your family and coming into your job and coming into your sphere.  I am about to do some things that are going to be so exciting!  So why don't you just get happy?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

DeeAnn Ward: We're stirring the pot and He said I am stirring the pot to shake up stuff and to scrape up stuff and to put it in the mix.  He said I have got some fresh new seasoning to add and the seasoning is called, My Glory.  He says, My Glory is the seasoning of this season, saith the Lord.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

DeeAnn Ward:  The Lord would say it is in the fullness of My Son to bring you out of the darkness and to bring you into My marvelous light; the kingdom of life and light says the Most High God.  And I intend this day to break off of you through the power of My Son, through the power of the blood of My Son. I intend to break off doubt and lethargy and unbelief and any obstacle that would keep you from the fullness of the payment that was made for your freedom.   I say; the Lord Jesus, My Son, stands ready to break off the old and to deliver you into the new says the Most High God.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

DeeAnn Ward:  Yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Yes, there is a brightness that I am bringing forth to shower down upon you.  Yes, this past season is passing with all the trauma that was in it because I have a new season for you to enter into.  I have a new place for you to go to.  I am working for you.  I did not stand against you.  I am the propellant force to take you forward.  I am the light of life that is your source of strength.  Yes, there is a new season.  Yes, there is a new time.  Yes, there is a new experience with My Spirit, saith the Lord.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

DeeAnn Ward: The Lord is inviting us today to look and to look again. The revelation that He has assigned for this day is a portion that will bring you enlightenment and understanding because the whole earth is clouded and confused and in darkness. He says; I have appointed a time when My light comes and that looks like revelation this morning because I want you to shine in the midst of this darkness. I do not want you to be confused. I want you to know what time it is! The Lord says this is your time to gain revelation to shine and to go forth in Jesus name.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

DeeAnn Ward: I said, Lord, is there something on your mind for us today and I believe I heard as clear as a bell. He said, I want you to have joy for that which I am doing in the unseen realm. I want you to have joy in that which is hidden from you now, but I am actively moving in. So we just say, thank You, Father, that joy can be in the anticipation of seeing what is now hidden, but to be revealed. We know that our God is a God of revelation and we know that in His time and in His divine sovereignty, you can't move God out of His timing and there are things that are going to be revealed. He said, DeeAnn, just tell them I brought them here to tell them that I am working in the areas that seem dark, that seem confusing. I am working in them today. In Jesus name.
Stephanie Condit: The Lord is saying that not only am I working in the unseen realm, but I am working in the unseen realm for America. So you need to loose those seeds of darkness that you hear on the news about America because there is a lot going on that I am about in America and America is coming back to its greatness.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Becky Albert: I hear the Spirit of the Lord say; I literally created this day.  I ordained your steps to be here this day.  It is not an accident you are here, it is not a coincidence.  I am pouring down from Heaven today My spiritual rain for cleansing of all the things you have desired to be free from.  The Lord says this is your day of deliverance if you will choose to believe and receive.

Calley Russell: There is a sound being released.  There is a sound coming out of Heaven and there is a sound coming out of the earth.  Those sounds are connecting and are creating an explosion.  Out of that explosion of sound; light comes forth.  Light is coming forth and shining on every dark place, revealing hidden things.  There is a sound!

Sheila Zimmerman: With that sound, God is releasing the joy of the harvest today.  Along with that joy comes the strength of God to complete the harvest.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

DeeAnn Ward: I am just going to begin this time of sensing.  I am sensing that the peace of God is accessible to us in this day and it is God's good pleasure to rest the peace of this season upon us, His Shalom.  We can live without fear.  We can live without trauma.  We can live without drama and that we can live in the Shalom of God.   That is His good pleasure; to give us the Shalom in this season which represents His original plan for harvest, to make peace with the earth and to make peace with mankind, in Jesus name.

Becky Albert: I hear the Lord say to feel, to see and to hear the sound of the abundance of harvest.  He is asking you during this three-fold season of Pentecost to open your spirit to feel, to see, to hear the provision that He has for you to reap into your life.  He says you have shut Me down through unbelief, through lack of feeling and through not seeing.  This is the day and this is the hour and this is the time that if you will allow Me to cause you to feel, to hear and to see, you will reap a rich harvest into your life, a harvest of healing, a harvest of rich provision, a harvest of joy, a harvest of peace.  The Lord says it is yours for the choosing so open yourself and receive.

Brenda Bechtel: If you will close your eyes and get a picture of that wheat pouring out of that combine into the truck; that is the picture of the Father pouring His love into your life, pouring that healing into your heart, pouring provision into your lives, in Jesus name.

Betty Hockenbury: The Kingdom of Heaven is as a small child and, as we release ourselves with that childlike faith and just believe God and let everything go, He's got it all figured out.  We are going to walk in the abundance of everything God has provided for us.

Stephanie Condit: In this season, the Lord is giving us new eyes to see and He wants you to look at things again.  He even wants you to look at yourself again; there is good He is trying to harvest out of you. There are things He just wants you to look at; your environment, the people around you, the material things.  He wants you to look again because there is good there that can be redeemed, that can be harvested, that is worth something.  So He wants to give you a new set of eyes to look again.

Denise Nutt: I keep hearing the words "picture" and "photo."  There are pictures in heaven and there are books that have pictures and have pictures of the harvest.  The word that I hear the Lord say is; He has captured them.  So, in a sense, He has captured the harvest.

Ozella Vince: I just heard Him say that this harvest will be over abundantly more than what we could ask or think.  I can just see Him blowing the waves of grain and there is nothing more beautiful than the waves of grain.  God said, those waves of grain will go on and on just like a bumper harvest.

Sheila Zimmerman: The Lord says; listen for the sound of harvest.   Hear the wheat crackling in the breeze, you will know it's harvest time and you will feel the peace of God.  As you are standing out in that field, you just hear the crackling of the wind in the wheat and you will feel the peace of God.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

DeeAnn Ward:  I just hear the Lord say, I have brought you into this place into a breaker anointing atmosphere.  I've come to break off the old, break you into a new siteline.  It says, when you pull the trigger this time, the siteline of my spirit is going to take you right to the point of victory.  The point of victory is the breakthrough for the day.  The Lord says, get your faith in order right now because I am going to take you out of the old and I am going to bring you into a new site of victory.

Stephanie Condit:  I hear the Lord say that there is a gift of change and if you put your expectation on today, you will receive the gift of change.  There's the gift of change and if you need it I see there is the gift for it today.  I see all of heaven looking down upon this moment.  This is a marker for you today if you choose it.

DeeAnn Ward:  I want to say I agree with that.  As I open my eyes into the Spirit, there is an entire celebration.  There is a celebratory mood of the Host.  They are excited about your change.

Lisa Kilts:  I heard the Lord say, everyone here is here to be equipped.  The Spirit is here today and that the word of the Lord is for every single person here, so do not disqualify yourself.  You are here to be equipped to go out for this time and this season.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

DeeAnn Ward: I would just like to prophesy into this moment. There is someone, more than someone, in this gathering today that is carrying a burden that you don't even have faith for. You are carrying something that is weighing you down that you don't have the faith to happen. God says this is the day you lay it down, you let it go. This is part of the timing of God when God says you don't have to carry that anymore. It is not your responsibility to carry it anymore. I haven't even given you the faith to carry this anymore. God says to lay it down because He has something called an abundance of peace and joy that He wants you to exchange.  He says lay this burden down. He says you will know it, you will know it, when you admit that now this time I am calling you to lay it down.  If I call you to lay it down, there will be no condemnation. There will be no regret, there will be no rethinking, there will be no second guessing. God says, lay it down. I am sitting there and God says to me, you've been carrying something that I am asking you to lay down right now and if you don't lay it down it is going to mess up your relationship with Jesus. We think once a burden is given or once a prayer assignment is given or once an action has been given it is forever. God says those times and those seasons are in My hand and in this month I am asking you to lay some things down because the joy and the peace that is going to replace that is going to make you strong in the power of My might.
You can't change it. You think if you just grit it, hold on, that you can change it and God says, that's the power of the soul and that's not how I want you to operate in this season. I want you to operate by the power of faith through My Spirit.
Actually it is born out of a religious spirit and the thought that if I let go of this burden I will have failed. God doesn't even speak like that.
There are some people that are stuck. Now when God gives a word prophetically, you don't have to check off the boxes. Well, I wonder if it is that. I wonder if it is that. What happens is in your relationship with Jesus by the Holy Spirit, there comes an appointed time when what has been spoken comes to you, brings peace filled with grace. Sitting here right now locked up with what was said is not the way we operate with God. We operate with God by hearing the prophetic word and then through our relationship with Jesus in the days ahead with prayer. Then at the appointed time, if that is to be addressed, it comes as a grace gift. It comes as a release. It comes as, well, I never even thought that I was stuck someplace. I didn't know I was doing something that God said I could let go of. So right now, you are just going to take that, those very words and just put them right over here and continue with your relationship with Jesus and one of these days that which was spoken will come and it will bring relief to you and won't cause anxiety. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

DeeAnn Ward: I was just thinking what a great song this is, thinking about what God's word says about there being tribulation in the world, but that is not our story.  As I was standing here and Sandy just came over and she said, I think we are supposed to sing that song again because I believe that what the Spirit of God wants to impart into our hearts this day is that there is a peace that goes beyond what we see.  There is a peace that passes understanding and it can grow in the midst of turmoil.  It can grow in the midst of trouble.  It can grow in the midst of sickness, disease, a change in jobs or a loss of a job, fighting, whatever is not whole in your life.  The peace of God can reign.  I believe that is the gift we are getting right as we sing this song.  So let's just sing it and let's just say to God, that is our affirmation of faith.  Where does He reign?  He reigns over us.  He reigns over us and that is the business that is going on today.  God is taking care of us and He is reigning over us, in Jesus' name.
Song: "God You Reign"
You paint the night, You count the stars
and You call them by name
The skies proclaim, God You reign.

Your glory shines, You teach the sun
When to bring a new day
Creation sings, God You reign.

God you reign
God you reign
Forever and ever
God You reign

You part the seas, You move the mountains
With the words that You say
My song remains, God You reign.

You hold my life, You know my heart
and You know me by name
I live to say, God You reign.
DeeAnn Ward: I hear the Lord say, If you let Me execute My peace over your soul in this season I will release great faith in your words. And if you will pray it, I will undertake with all of My resources to bring it to pass. So let the peace rule and reign over your hearts in this season so that faith may arise and that which is troubling you, that child that is troubling you, that situation that is warring against your peace will come under My rule and My authority because your faith will exist above and beyond the turmoil because the peace of My Kingdom is moving upon your soul. Let's say, He reigns.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

DeeAnn Ward: This is not a season where you can logically discern the path that I am moving you forward in. He said this is the pattern, "Cry out to Me!" Let the deep desires of your heart cry out to Me! Let your brain take a sabbatical! Let your brain take a vacation and trust in the Lord!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

DeeAnn Ward: For the Lord would say, I brought you to this house to bring you up underneath a breaker anointing.  I say, today is the day you break through.  You break out of the old and you break through into the new.  I say, this is the day that my power and my strength and my great tender mercies are new for you today to dislodge that which has held you in a narrow place and to put you in a broad place, to open up your mind out of the confines of the last season, to give you eyes to see and to understand the multi-facets that I have waiting for you of expression, of avenues, of intersections.  My divine intersections are being put in place today for you to prosper and to even be in health as never before.  The Father says, this is a good day.   This is a good day because it is a break- through day with the breaker anointing in this house. The word of God is going to break open.  The word of God is going to break open, break through, break down, break up and break out, in Jesus' Name.

Ralph Chafin: I heard the Lord say, I am Baal- Perazim, and I am visiting this house afresh and anew.  I am the breaker that goes before you.  I am breaking out to the west. I am breaking out to the east.  I am breaking out to the south and to the north.  God said, I am even breaking into things that have been locked up.  God said, I am breaking out and I am breaking in with a new fervor, with a new fire.  God said, expect me to do things that you've been praying for for years.  God said, this is your season and I will be Baal-Perazim in this house.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Becky Albert: Then He said to me, Prophesy over these bones and say to you today,  Oh, dry bones, hear the word of the Lord.  Thus says the Lord God to our dry bones.  Behold I will cause breath to enter you and you shall live.  I will lay sinews upon you and will cause flesh to come upon you and cover you with skin and put breath in you and you shall live and you shall know that I am the Lord.  So I prophesied as I was commanded and as I prophesied there was a sound and behold a rattling and the bones came together, bone to his bone.  I looked and behold, there were sinews on them and flesh had come upon them and skin had covered them, but there was no breath in them.  Then He said to me, Prophesy to the breath.  Prophesy, son of man, and say to the breath thus says the Lord God, Oh, come from the four winds, O breath, and breathe on these slain that they may live.  So I prophesied as He commanded me and the breath came into them and they lived and stood on their feet an exceedingly great army. (Ezekiel 37:4-10)

The Lord says to this house today, I have called you here.  I have caused the breath and the wind of God to come into you today and you indeed are an exceedingly great army and I am beginning to release my glory over you, and there will be signs and wonders and miracles that will confirm that I will have glory for My name in this place.

Lisa Kilts:

  •  Faith is our positive response to Gods Grace.
        •    Faith is not something you do to get God to respond. God has already responded to everyone of your needs. Faith is your response to what God has already done.
        •    Faith does not move God, it moves us into position to receive what God has already provided by Grace.
        •    Faith does not cause a positive response from God. It is a positive response from us. God has already responded positively.
        •    Faith is my positive response to what God has already provided. How are you responding?
        •    Faith only takes possession of what God has already provided by Grace. Grace is His free gift!!
        •    If God had not already provided it independent of your efforts and prior to your need your faith can not make it happen.
                Jesus said IT IS FINISHED!!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Becky Albert: I heard the Lord say, there is a generational anointing in the house today.  Just as God used Esther to save an entire nation which was three generations, the Lord says, there is a generational anointing for you, a deep, deep well.  If you will jump into the well, if you will stir the waters that God has for you in this place today, and that means just say, Yes, then you will save an entire generation in your family. God said you will save a generation in your family.  God says, I will honor you for that and I will bring three generations side by side to serve Me.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Becky Albert:  When the sound of when that last drop of blood hit the earth and completed covenant, He said the earth is still alive with that sound and all of the atmosphere of the earth is still alive.  It's all quantum physics.  It's all alive with the vibrations of the blood and the provision of the covenant.  So if we will build a belief system, it aligns us with the vibrations of the covenant and we just receive.  We just receive.  The lady didn't know what to ask for, but the prophet did and she just received him.  So, it is all about aligning our belief system of faith which this house has been building in us.  It just aligns us with the vibration of covenant that is alive and in the earth, and we will receive.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Becky Albert:  I was just thinking about what the Bible says about, "As a man thinks, so is he."  So, why don't we just think happy?  Life is filled with the situations that can cause us to not think happy.  I think the message this morning that God wants you to say is, "Good news, you can change your mind.  You can just think happy."

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Becky Albert:  I heard the Lord say in the line where it says, My feet are planted on the rock.  I heard the Holy Spirit say, Just as I said to Peter, the revelation that Thou art the Christ, Thou art the Messiah, Thou art Yeshua, and that I will build My Ecclesia upon that Rock of Revelation.  

The Holy Spirit says this morning, There is a coming of revelation to My church in this hour, a third-hour revelation that will pull you out of religious thinking and will pull you out of the law that the church has operated in and will move you into the grace of knowing.  On the Rock of Jesus Christ, on the revelation of knowing He finished it at the cross, you will govern and you will legislate from that third heaven revelation, and the gates of hell will not prevail.

Lisa Kilts:  The Lord has shown me to lift the Lord Jesus Christ up today in this sanctuary, in this meeting place, in this Ecclesia.

In the New Testament, I would say I am a word bird.  I really dig into the deep things of what the words mean, and in several places in the New Testament, it calls Jesus, the propitiation, which means the mercy seat.

So the Lord took me to the tabernacle in the Old Testament and showed me the mercy seat and how God spoke from the mercy seat, not Mount Sinai where the law was given, but from the mercy seat.  Jesus is the mercy seat in between the cheribum.  The lid on that had to always stay shut because if they opened it, it would kill.  It contained the ten commandments, the rod that budded, and the manna.  These all are a picture of the rejection of God's provision in the manna, the rejection of God's ways or laws and the authority.  Aaron's rod was the authority figure that He was in place and man was rejected.  But He shut that off, because that was man's rejection, that was rebellion and He covered it with the mercy seat.  There is one in heaven. There is a tabernacle in heaven just like the picture on earth even this very day.  Jesus' blood was once and for all sprinkled on that mercy seat.  That is constantly what God is looking at when He looks at us.

So I just want to prophesy to you all to set you free that it is all about Jesus.  Lift Him up.  He will be your friend.  He will be anything that you need.  Just lift Him up and put all those thoughts down that make you think you are not good enough and lift Jesus up.

So I prophesy to you, you are all going to become very powerful, and you are going to become signs and wonders in the earth because you are going to lift Jesus up.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Becky Albert: I just heard the Lord say that He didn't sent Jesus to die on the cross for half freedom.  He didn't sent Jesus to die on the cross so that you could live sad, depressed, lonely, so that you could live broke, so you could live wondering and worrying what tomorrow would hold.  I heard the Lord say, Jesus came to set you free, and you are free indeed.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stephaine Condit: This is a word for the fathers.  The Lord wants you to know that you carry great authority, and He doesn't want you to diminish it.  You carry great authority in your family, and it doesn't matter if you had a good father or a bad father, or if you were a good father or a bad father.  Today there is a new grace.  This state carries a fathering anointing and that fathering anointing is coming upon you today.  He wants you to know that it could be during a football game.  It could be a text.  It could be a word.  It could be a phone call.  You don't have to make it up but just be led and know that you carry great authority to influence, to lead, and to pray.  There is grace today.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Becky Albert: The Lord said to me, in the next three weeks I am releasing strategies to them that will absolutely cause them to be able to walk out of those things that have held them back and held them down because God says, it is time.
Tell them to expect to hear My voice, to expect to receive their very own throne room revelation because it is the appointed time for their deliverance. Now I knew that was God because I know the timing of the Hebrew calendar and I knew that this was the month that we can receive our very own strategies like Apostle Sandy just shared from the book of Kings.
So when the Lord speaks to you in the next three weeks, first of all, you are going to have to be expectant that you are going to receive a word from the Lord for your very own self. It's your very own third heaven strategy. It's your very own word from God that is going to set you free in the circumstances that you are in. So, first of all, I expect to hear from God for the house because that's my role in the body of Christ. You can expect to hear from God for your house because that is your appointed place that God has put you. It's your sphere. You can expect to hear from God in the next three weeks. How do I know, again ask God, because that takes us into the next month on the Hebrew calendar which is the month of Adar, which is the month that Esther heard a word from God and saved a nation.
So I want you to know that in the next three weeks you need to expect to hear a word from God for your very own self -- a third heaven revelation that will set you free and propel you into your future. It may come as just a word. It may come as just a thought, but you are going to quiet your soul and you are going to get your spirit man paying attention. You are going to check it with the word of God and make sure it is a word from God. You are going to pray in tongues until you get the revelation.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lisa Kilts: I believe today that the Lord wants to impart into every person here that nothing is impossible. He wants you to have a foundation that I can't get out of my mind lately. God showed me in the Old Testament when they brought the sacrifices to the temple, the priests never looked at the people, never. He only looked at the sacrifice and if the sacrifice was good, the people were good. He didn't look at the people. He didn't look at what they did or didn't do. He just looked at the sacrifice. I want to set you free today, no matter where you are at in your walk, that He's meeting you right where you are at because God is not looking at what you are doing, He's looking at the sacrifice of Jesus. So I want to set you free that that makes all things possible; because He's the one that makes it possible. I impart to you possibilities, dreams, abundance, provision, life, joy and peace, in the name of Jesus.
Becky Albert: I am hearing the Lord say, it is a Genesis 1:2-3 kind of year. You are going to see the darkness around you and it will be deep darkness around you, but you are going to keep your eyes on the sacrifice. You are going to understand that Jesus has already done it and you are going to look at the darkness and you are going to choose to say, "Let there be light!"

Sunday, December 13, 2015
Becky Albert: The Lord says, "His name is above every name."  He says that I've exalted My word above My name, and My name above My word.  We thank you today, Lord, that Your name is the name we call on and know that all things are possible.  We declare in this house that there is an air of expectancy because of the name of Jesus.  We understand that everything we have said we have need of, everything that we've ever petitioned You for, God, Your name has provided.  We say, "Your word is exalted in the house today.  Your word is exalted above your name.  

DeeAnn Ward: The Lord would say, "This is the season of greater joy as I remove the obstacles, and I remove the things that have been in your path that have prevented your success."  God says, "You will come to a greater immeasurable joy, multiplied beyond last season or any season that you've experienced."  God says, "Expect the immeasurable, abundant, and life-giving joy, the joy of the whole earth.

Becky Albert: The Lord wants me to announce that Yeshua Hamashiach is in the house today in His manifestation of the Prophet.  So there is a prophetic anointing that's coming in this house here, that is in the house today.  Yeshua Hamashiach wants to prophesy to you personally.  He says that everything that the messenger brings and every action that is done in this house today is a prophetic message to you personally.  He is going to speak it individually in different ways and through different things.  These are things that you've prayed about, things that you've longed to see, and things that you are expecting.  The Lord says, "Yeshua Hamashiach is in the house today. The Prophet is in the house today."  He is speaking to you.  Olam El is in the house today.  You are not here by accident.  You are not here by coincidence.  Olam El of the ages has drawn you from your path.  He is vaving you today into your prophetic destiny, and He is propelling you forward in the plans and purposes that He has for you today. The Lord says, "You need to know that so you can expect it, and you can draw from it."

Sunday, November 15, 2015
DeeAnn Ward: God showed me a picture of a layaway closet. Now many of you do not know what a layaway closet is because we have credit cards now. Many people put their stuff on credit cards, and they are their own layaway.  Now get this picture. A down payment was paid, and the gift or the item was put on a shelf waiting for the final down payment to be completed. Then the gift was taken out. God said, "The time of the down payment is over, and I am coming to claim you from the shelf; I am coming to claim you for Myself in this hour. I am coming to redeem you fully, and I am going to place you as My gift under My jurisdiction," saith the Lord. "I am coming to apprehend what is Mine."  There are parts of what is in you that has not yet been apprehended. Now this is the season that God is apprehending you.  If you are in this house, you are being apprehended for God. If you are in this house, you are coming out from underneath a religious, poverty mindset. You are going to fully embrace the concept that you wear the Victor's Crown because the Victor lives on the inside of you.  We are not called to live independent lives. We are called to live under and into the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Sunday November 1, 2015
Becky Albert: I keep hearing the Lord say, "Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready?" He says, "I have been telling you that you must have a new mindset." Now, the Lord says, "What I am getting ready to pour out will leave you no choice. It will change your mind."

Sunday October 11, 2015
DeeAnn Ward: I have a word for the prophets.  If you are the redemptive gift of prophet or if you are called as a prophet and you know it, or if you prophesy.  I want you to stand.  God is going to give us a key today.  He has come to claim His voice in the House of the Lord.  He has come to do business with His voice in the House of the Lord.  Now all of us can hear by the Holy Spirit, but there is a calling and a gifting that God uses to speak clarity in times and in seasons and in boundaries.  He uses people.  In fact, He doesn't even do anything in the earth unless he gives this foreknowledge of it by speaking into the heart of a prophet.  That prophet, at an appointed time, releases the word of the Lord.  I have had an epiphany this morning, just this morning, with some clarity.  As we were worshiping, I was lifting my heart to the Lord.  Here is the key for you.  The key for the prophet is truth.  The key for the prophet is truth above all things because you belong to God.  You don't belong to any man; you don't belong to any religious system; you don't belong to your friends; you don't belong to your husband or your wife.  You belong to God first and foremost and that just means that He is in the business this season of time to sanctify your body, soul and spirit.  He is separating you and me unto Himself, and in that separation we become a clear trumpet.  We become that silver trumpet over there.  We become the voice of the Lord that says this is what time it is and this is what I am calling you to say and to be and to do.  Now that doesn't mean you are going to prophesy over the state of Kansas, you may not prophesy even in this house, but if you are going to be called to open up your mouth and speak the truth to somebody, it is the key.  It is the key!  It's the key to unlock the gate for the tsunami  that God wants to release upon the state of Kansas.  I'm saying this in the time frame, because we have just come thru a period of time when the prophets have told us that the evil structures in this state have been shaken completely down.  There is a biblical reference, and that was when Dutch gave this. Sandy and you remember he said, "It's time for Kansas to return to be a Nazarite state."  Now Nazarites were exclusively the possession of God, and there were things that they were not allowed to do that other people were allowed to do.  I'm declaring over this house today that there's a new standard of separation unto God.  There's a new place, but God says, "Do not worry because these evil structures have been pulled down, and My grace is mightily upon this state."  So it's not an effort of just hanging on; it is not you having to grit your teeth.  This is a time when we open up our hearts, and we say, "God, fill me with the revelation for this season; fill me with the grace to be Yours and Yours alone.  There is coming a liberation to the body of Christ and that liberation is going to produce holiness, and it's not the holiness that comes underneath the law.  It is the holiness that comes because of the goodness, the kindness, the tender mercies, and the great grace that is upon our land and upon this house.  If you come into this house, you come under the spirit of great grace.  If you come into this house, you come under the spirit of great truth.  What works together?  Grace and truth!  Grace and truth!  He has come to release grace and truth and that grace enables us to move past the old season, to move past those old restrictions, that old bondage.  Whatever you have ever been in bondage to before can be over today if you'll just say I want great grace!  Grace is God's ability to do in you and me what we cannot do for ourselves.  Gheez, I just get up everyday with a full intent to do the right thing.  Don't you?  Then by about mid morning I've either had a ....well, I'm sure you don't ever have that happen.  It's like an alcoholic.  You know an alcoholic gets up everyday and says, "You know, I'm not going to drink today."  Then by 10:00 or 12:00 or 3:00 you can't wait til 4:00 comes because it's 6:00 someplace in the earth!  So what we're saying here is that it's like that was sin, but this is the season when God says the pillars are down. If the pillars are down then that means the power of the devil is down; also, if the power of the devil is down, then you can say yes to God with ease.  Because He's going to clear out the stuff on your rocky road, and He's going to make the path plain and straight. You and I are going to be a part of a company that reveals the glory of God!  I just thought what if every Christian in this room just did what God said to do.  Do you know that the Word of God says "If you love Me, you keep My commandments"?  Well, I feel pretty excited about the potential!    

Sunday  October 27, 2015
Becky Albert:  I hear the Holy Spirit say, I need you to be expectant because as Tabernacles begins tonight, I am coming to meet you in a new way. The Lord says, I am displaying My glory for all to see. I am displaying My covenant power, My covenant provision, My covenant grace. And I am expecting you to be expectant to receive Me, to see Me, to hear Me, to know Me in a way you've never seen, you've never heard and you've never known Me before. Get ready, says the Lord, for I am coming to you in a whole new way. Pull aside and hear My voice.
DeeAnn Ward:  Oh, let's just say yes, to that.  Let's just say, Lord, I am expectant in this season. And I just want to add into that because I began to hear a conversation that was unexpected to me, but here is what I thought the Lord was saying.  I've come to celebrate My future in you. He said, I've come to celebrate the future that I have for you and to celebrate the future of Myself in you.  He said, I am looking forward to your future. I am looking forward to putting you on display, saith the Lord. I am looking forward to unwrapping My love and My goodness and My tender mercies and yes, My victorious power through you, saith the Lord. So He says, this is a time to be confident, this is a time to be confident that I know what I am doing in you and I am positioning you to display My many-faceted power and wisdom in this season, saith the Lord. I say, Heh!

Sunday Aug 2, 2015
Jonathan Saffer:
When we started worshipping and we were singing, I felt there was an army of people in here. I saw this place filled and so I just say that it is going to happen soon, that people are going to flood here. So get ready.
Becky Albert: I agree completely and totally and I heard as we were worshipping, I heard gates coming open, I heard walls falling. And I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying, this is for you. This is for you in this house today. Every stronghold shall be broken. It is your choice, you believe in the power of Jesus Christ who has overcome. Anything in your life today that has hindered you, that has held you back, that has kept you from knowing the joy of the Lord. Anything in your life that has kept you from knowing the intimacy and love of God. Anything in your life that has withheld you from your destiny, that has held you back from doing the things that you know God has called you to, today is the day you declare into the atmosphere, every stronghold shall be broken, every high thing is coming down in my life today.
Stephanie Condit: What I heard is your choice, whatever it is that you want and I am not talking about a car, though that's okay. But it is your choice. The things that are bothering you, the things that are holding you back, it's your choice, you want those to get out of your way. It is here. The power for those things to move out of your way is here. The angels are here. The power is here for that turning to come. It is your choice.
DeeAnn Ward: That's exactly what I am hearing. I just heard the Lord say, it's the assignment from heaven in this hour that every obstacle be removed from your path and the assignment of heaven is to come to your aid and to bring a smooth path for your future. That which has hindered you in the past is to be removed because it is the will of God. The will of God prevails when we agree. Say, I agree. Amen.